Denso´s New Pre-Collision System Available on Lexus LS 430

2004-03-12 - Denso today announced at the SAE World Congress in Detroit, that its Pre-Collision System now is available in North America on the Lexus LS 430. The system, developed jointly with Toyota, identifies inevitable obstacles a split second prior to collision, automatically tightens passenger seatbelts, and activates a pre-collision brake system to reduce vehicle speed. The system was initially developed for the Toyota Harrier, launched in Japan in February 2003.

"Automobile and driver safety are among Denso´s top priorities as we develop new technologies," said Masami Manabe, managing director, Engineering Research and Development Center, Denso Corporation. "So we are pleased that our pre-collision system is now available in North America on the Lexus LS 430."

Denso developed three key components for the system:
- Millimeter-Wave Radar - Detects vehicles and obstacles over a horizontal plane with the world´s widest angle (20 degrees) and with a detection accuracy of 0.5 degrees;
- Pre-Collision Electronic Control Unit (ECU) - Processes information gathered by the radar to determine if the vehicle will hit an obstacle, and then sends information on the distance and relative speed of the obstacle in the form of signals to the seatbelt ECU and the brake system, and
- Pre-Collision Seatbelt ECU - Retracts the seatbelt mechanism, based on signals from the pre-collision ECU, which also alerts the brake system to assist the braking mechanism. As a result, this system can reduce damages caused by a collision.

Author(s): Roland Schedel
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