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Oerlikon Graziano Developed Transmission for Full Electric City Car

Oerlikon Graziano has been able to develop a new generation of electric gearboxes for electric city cars, starting a relationship with Th!nk (Norway) for whom it designed, developed and put into production the electric gearbox with a two-stage reduction. The Norwegian carmaker's vehicle is currently the only one in its class that was designed and developed from the outset to be a mass-produced, battery-driven electric car, with a vehicle body that withstands industry crash tests, a radius per change cycle of up to 180 kilometres, a maximum speed of more than 110 km/h and a special transmission from Oerlikon Graziano. The power transmission system must not waste energy and has to run as quietly as possible. This component is a completely new development.

"We opted for Oerlikon Graziano because of its superior technical expertise as a development partner and system supplier", said Richard Canny, CEO of Th!nk. Thanks to its experience and know-how, Oerlikon Graziano has started almost one year ago a collaboration with Pininfarina, the worldwide famous car designer and coachbuilder in Turin (Itay), developing the transmission for their new Bluecar, an unique and space age electric eco-friendly cool vehicle. Most recently Oerlikon Graziano has also started to work with the well known player in the electric drivetrain market, Zytek Automotive LTD, for the development of a transmission to be coupled with their innovative 70 kW e-motor to be used in sport electric or light commercial ELCV vehicles.

Moreover at the beginning of April 2009 Oerlikon Graziano started a discussion with Smith Electric in UK for a potential cooperation on their new Ford connect base electric LCV. Oerlikon Graziano is currently working on many projects focused on electric heavy and light utility vehicles, electric light commercial vehicles and electric city cars for major vehicle manufacturers. The company approached the electric drive technologies in 1994, at the start of its relationship with Club Car, an Ingersoll Rand Company. The company has built its first electric axle for the golf cart market.
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