Electrostatic Particulate Filter for Nanoparticle Reduction

Future emission legislation for passenger cars (petrol and diesel) and heavy-duty vehicles will also require a reduction in particle numbers in addition to a reduction in particle mass. Conventional filters that combine current levels of porosity with new, low soot-emitting engines are unable to filter nanoparticles with sufficient effectiveness because of the lack of a soot filter cake. the necessary reduction in pore size would lead to greater pressure loss. the Electrostatic Particulate Filter PM-Metalit advanced by Emitec represents a new generation of particulate filters for the automotive industry.
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Author(s): Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Maus; Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Brück; Dipl.-Ing. Jan Hodgson; Dipl.-Ing. Christian Vorsmann

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